Into the Fire; How to Transform Experience into Dharma

The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast Episode 095

Everything is the path to enlightenment. 
The ground is everywhere. 
We can’t step anywhere exept deeper into Teaching.
More authentically into practice. 

As the smoke churned towards my face, plumes broiling hundreds of feet into the natural blue sky, my throat closed. Unable to inhale, vomiting on my knees, I looked up over my right shoulder to see about a half a dozen planes, some very big ones, and helicopters circling and dropping slurry on our mountains. They save our town, our structures, the animals and our lives. To all you fire professionals and first responders, God Bless You. And I say that as a Buddhist. 

The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast Episode 095
Today’s show is dedicated to Dave Dotan Davis, a Buddhist in Recovery who passed away June 18th 2023. Join us. Add your lost loved ones into our practice and dedication. May we all be free of suffering.

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This is the path of bodhisattvas, yogis and Buddhists in recovery.
“You can judge me, but please take what’s in my hand.

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