Igor Berkhin

In terms of addiction, which you know if you’ve read The 12-Step Buddhist is “attachment gone wild,” I asked Igor to give us a brief video about how his courses can help us deal with the root of the problem.

There are ongoing courses and some starting all the time. To join the Zoom or in person, visit Contemplation Club.

Igor’s style and approach is definitely perfect for those of us in recovery who do not want a religious box to fit into. In my personal experience with him, a clarity beyond concepts is readily apparent! That means for people in recovery, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. If you have trouble affording a course, he’ll work it out. According to Igor, the main point is to have fun!

Igor Berkhin is a long-term meditation practitioner, a Buddhist translator, and a teacher authorized by a prominent Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Besides teaching in a spiritual context, he is one of the pioneers of secular mindfulness meditation in Russia who also broadly teaches around the world. His online course on meditation created for Yoga Journal in 2012 immediately attracted 7000 subscribers and is still one of the most popular online courses on meditation in the Russian language. He presented mindfulness to important think tanks in Russia and teaches meditation for the students of Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis as well as to Gestalt Psychotherapy community. One of his projects is about how to apply contemplative practices for recognizing and neutralizing psychological manipulations. He is a co-founder of the first Russian interdisciplinary conference on mindfulness as well as of the association of Russian-speaking mindfulness teachers.

For courses with Igor, see https://contemplative.club

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