Curb That Dharma Ego

The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast Episode 094

What is ego, and how does it affect our practice as Buddhists in Recovery? When we practice Dharma, are we taking refuge in our identity, apparently concrete and permanent sense of self, or are we working to let go, to discover our real nature, same as all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Three Times and the Ten Directions. No different. To understand this context, in this sense of the Teaching, one must find a qualified Master and receive detailed instructions on how to overcome samsara without resisting our suffering, or our Buddhahood. Listen in as we practice and discuss the how and why of Dharma in Recovery, instead of constructing an even more elaborate and sophisticated trap, called the Dharma Ego.

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This is the path of bodhisattvas, yogis and Buddhists in recovery.
“You can judge me, but please take what’s in my hand.

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